The beginning of winter, the end of the world?

For a day billed as the end of the world…well, it was not. Another dimension, alignment of the galaxies? OK, we could go for another dimension, as the one we are on seems hell bent towards destruction. Winter temperatures 4° to 10° warmer by 2100? Such was the word from an article recently presented to me. Distressing information for sure. And yes, it was calm and warm out there on this first day of winter. Odd, highly odd, for East Portal. 

Maybe this next dimension stuff will be the cure. Or maybe actually doing something about it before we turn this into the planet that fries. My job? Keep the impact minimal, and use art and words to show exactly what it is we will lose if we don't. We're on the front lines, we can do that. Show the beauty of winter, the most magical season of them all, the season that officially began today. We celebrated by embracing it's beauty, embracing the short light in the dark, and praying that we can squeeze more of these in before the end of the world as we know and love it.

Teeming with people in July. Two diagnol tracks on December 21.

Elaine did her first ever seven straight days of backcountry skiing this week, preparing for a day-in-and-day-out grind coming up. Enjoying a snack up top, gazing at the divide and Mount Frosty, a May and June favorite.

The lowest light of the year reflects on Elaine and I.

Skiing on the solstice is good. Skiing on the solstice with the love of your life is great.

Down into the woods, enjoying perfect untracked powder turns.

I love finding these shots of perfection in the dense woods.

Celebrating winter by sailing on snow.

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