Change of seasons, options

It's been a great week up in the hills. A couple great days of skiing in a valley I've never really explored before (I'll let Elaine tell that story), and then on the bike for three days of commuting. It's just such a nice way to head to work. Our route can vary greatly, but generally it's about 25 miles in with between 1,000 and 2,000 feet of uphill. Enough to let the lungs and legs know they are alive, but not so much that we're smoked for days off skiing. The best part…the car has moved about one mile total in the past three days as opposed to 150 miles. That's good for saving gas, saving money and saving the soul. 

The light in the mornings is terrific. And while we're only dabbing in trails right now until we figure out how long it takes, the little trail that we have ridden has proved peaceful and perfect. As Elaine said today, trails are so much more peaceful than the road. Truth indeed.

On Thursday we rode in with our friend Brittany, and enjoyed foggy conditions, cold descents and perfect, tacky dirt. Yesterday, Elaine and I took the south route, eventually linking trails and jeep roads with the back side of Flagstaff climb. It was our first real extended climb of the year and it felt good. Today was more direct, ushering the tired legs on the uphills and cruising the downhills, enjoying the green everywhere, the flowers, the absolutely massive creek on the Boulder Creek Bike Path. 

Biking feels good. Truth is, when I raced, I was a masher on the pedals. Too much upper body motion and too possessed to be patient to improve it. If there is one thing I've learned in the last five years it's patience, and that applies to biking now too. Smooth things out, figure out the best way to be efficient on the bike, pedal round, smooth, smooth, smooth. After five years away from the sport, it's a fun process. 

Elaine and I decided today on the bus ride home that we're lucky. We're lucky we get to work together in a job we love, ski and bike together in the mountains we love and pursue this dream, whatever it may be, in unison. Deep down I realize these are some of the best days of my life, and I couldn't be more grateful to family for being there through the storms and through the good.

One little interesting tidbit. I gave up soda two weeks ago. Cold turkey quit it. And while the initial crash was a little rough, I feel great now. More steady, sharper, more awake. I'm feeling fit and good. We haven't eaten out in two weeks, instead saving our money for the Tiny Home build coming up. That's going to be an exciting journey in itself, and I'm so looking forward to this winter where we live simple…skiing, work, adventure, racing and love…in a space all our own, hopefully in a beautiful setting near the things we love. 

Positive thoughts out, positive results in. Tomorrow is technically a rest day, with just yoga and a mellow walk around the lake with the pup surrounding a work day, but I'm feeling good, so I'm packed and ready for a light and fast ski in the white mountains to the west. If it happens cool, if not, that's cool too.

This is life right now, and we'll take it!


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