Fog in the chaos

The past weekend has been chaotic, and it's been a result of having a pretty cool opportunity on the horizon. As such, we put skiing aside the past few days to take care of business, with just me sneaking out for a quick lap at the local hill for sanity sake while Elaine, being the wiser of the two when it comes to relaxation, did some yoga. We just started a work cycle, and we needed to do something, so we rode to work. It was brutal. Cold and foggy are normally conditions I like, but the combination of cold, wet and a 2,500 foot road descent isn't all that much fun. I knew it would be bad at the top – after riding car wash trails we were drenched, and riding down doesn't entail moving. Haven't been that cold in a long, long time. 40° and wet or -20° and dry? Give me the latter every time. Still, it was a good cleansing and reset to focus and keep the mind sharp for what lies ahead. This could be good…actually, anyway you slice it it's going to be good. More soon.

More importantly, Elaine and I had our 3rd anniversary back on June 1. Man, it seems like a blink, but then there have been so many adventures and just rich experiences packed into that time. I suspect there were a few skeptics that we'd get close to this point, but we never had a doubt. It's definitely been the highlight of my life. We celebrated with a mellow hike around Mud Lake, our old favorite. Brought a stove and brewed up some tea and made the most of the morning before a day of work. It's a fine life with the love of my life, and I can't wait to see the next chapters in the book. 


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  1. Love this entry – congrats you two – and I’m looking forward to hearing what’s on the horizon. Love you both, Sharon


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