Coolness in a heat wave

A real scorcher out there today. Windy and incredibly dry out. It's amazing how quickly we can go from moist and wonderful to the dead heat of summer. Things are less bad here at 8,650 feet versus down in Boulder, but still. Elaine and I are sticking around the home these days off as business calls and we can't go for bigger adventures. Still we manage to get out for little skis up the hill.


The local snow field is a real bastion of coolness right now, and the turns are delectably silky. 700 vertical feet of flying. Maintenance skis we call them. A ski a day keeps the doctor away. Decided to summer it up today with shorts and Elaine's "Skort – skirt plus shorts." While this particular area is pretty popular in the winter, I barely see anybody up there this time of year. Yet today, for the second time in a week, I saw a couple veteran skiers enjoying the snowfield. We chatted – it's their weekly ritual. Cool – it's good to see other people enjoying the high country, and what a time to enjoy it! The creeks are raging high, the bugs seem to have come out in force and the elk are moving up above 11,000 feet. Ten days till we turn the corner with the solstice and start the long but steady progression back to winter.  I'm looking forward to that for sure, but enjoying the moment that is as well.

In the meantime, think rain! We need it. 


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