Summer resilience

Well, it had to happen sooner or later. Elaine had her first mountain bike crash of the year. A good one – bopping along, caught her handlebar on a pine tree, got knocked down hard. Hit her elbow good, shed some skin, scratched a little paint off her head tube on the Stumpjumper. 

No problem. Girl got back up after sorting herself and kept on pedaling. The trails are bone dry right now, which makes riding a little more challenging, but I was super proud of her resilience. Not sure why really…Elaine hiked the Colorado Trail in 25 days, rocked the Elk…she's bona-fide tough. We rode Blue Dot, found some new stuff and also discovered that the challenging parts of this trail are just a tough as they ever were. The flowers are in full bloom, the tree pollen is flying everywhere. As we crossed the last meadow, the cows started running in unison. Nice to see a little wild still in them. It was a nice summer ride. 

Conditions were strange down in Boulder. Heading down the long road, we suddenly emerged into a crisp fog that felt very Pacific Ocean like. Reminded me more of Big Sur than Boulder, Colorado. And then we were below the fog, rolling into work, but not without an adventure to start the day. 


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