Big smile

It's funny, but pretty much every time I look at Elaine on our mountain bike rides to work, on days like today, she's smiling. Something about being in the woods for two-plus hours, exploring new trails, diving into the green and flowered wonderland, breaking through cobwebs, swooping down hills, blasting back up them, dodging branches, ducking logs and turning a part of the day that most people dread into an adventure will do that to you. Bikes are fun, commuting to work on singletrack is fun, made more so when you do it with the person you love most. 

2 Replies to “Big smile”

  1. So glad you guys are doing so well. Keep living it up my friends – I love it.
    …and bring your bikes up here to Sun Valley any time!


  2. Tim – it’s great to hear from you? How’s life going for you? Seen some cool pics lately. Hope everything is going awesome! You’re missed down here! We should do that…road trip!


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