Dry June

Recovering from our off days can be a bigger challenge than recovering from work. Lots of mountain time the past three days led to general fatigue at the start of the ride into work. The nice thing is riding makes them feel better as it sends the lactic acid elsewhere. Very hot and dry too. The fires are surrounding us in all directions.

This seems to be a pattern in these parts the past few years. June has turned into high and dry month. Last year June saw flames flickering over the Flatirons, and Elaine and I buying renter's insurance in case our home burned during the Colorado Trail hike. It was all for not, because on day two of our hike, in very early July, the monsoon started and didn't let up till Durango 25 days later. Maybe we'll get a repeat this year. 

We should re-name this one trail we ride the cobweb ride, because it's inevitably an endless stream of breaking cobwebs as we go through. We take turns leading, and there-by equally getting drenched in the webs. I'm not sure why – because I never normally think about this – but mountain lions were on my mind today. Perhaps we should call this trail "Lair in the bush," because with all the rock outcroppings and dense trees, I wouldn't be surprised if a lion or two called this area home. 

Tomorrow, a rest day, a mellow walk in the woods, Walden-style. 

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