Into the fog

50° this morning, clear, calm. Exciting times at the cabin. There is a resident black bear living on the hill behind the house who has taken a liking to our bird feeders. Elaine was napping and then heard a clatter outside. This character was the culprit. Sorry birds, I guess we'll have to hold off on the feeding for now. Luckily, there's lots of food for them this time of year. Last thing we want to do is get that little black bear in trouble.


Been working lots, but when not working we've gotten up to the high country every chance we can. It's a great time to get up there regularly, because change is in the air, and it happens up there first. In a month, the tundra will be red. I'm anxious to see the little changes by the week. For now, it's still summer, although we did hike up to the divide a few mornings ago in a deep, crisp fog that felt awfully autumn like. We also heard numerous reports of snow flurries up on the highest peaks in Colorado. Time to get prepping for the change…just ask the bear!





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