Up the old jeep road

60° at 7 am. Looking forward to colder nights soon. 

Decided to mix things up a little last night and go for a mountain bike ride. Up the old jeep road to the flats and down the narrow trail for a nice loop. The climb hurt. I need a lower gear on my 1×1. Elaine crushed it though. Nice to get the heart and legs really pumping. We'll have to toss this into the repertoire a couple times a week, as there are few things that beat the benefits of riding up that jeep road in terms of getting the body strong. Had to start somewhere and by October it should be a lot easier. 

The down was stellar. Dying light reminded me of the old days where I'd get home from rides in the dark back home in the Green Mountains. That's a nice trail – deep woods, narrow and lots of vegetation. A nice way to end the day. We rolled back into town in the dying mountain light feeling lucky to live in a place with so many options. 

I got the ditch dug, and it wasn't nearly as difficult as I'd thought. We certainly live in the "rocky" mountains, but this particular stretch of ground was smooth sailing. Elaine did some electrical work as well. The cabin continues to progress towards being cozy in winter. Hoping to finish unpacking today and make another trip up to the divide. 

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