Fall dream

46° this morning. Chilly morning hikes have been the rule this week. Lots of work, so we're fortunate to live in a place where it's easy to get something in every morning. We'd go batty otherwise…not sure we can ever not live in the mountains. We've been doing uphill speed hikes, as we have loose aspirations to do a fast thru-hike of the Long Trail this fall if things fall into place. We'd need to go in fairly fit, as time off would be limited. Elaine has never seen Vermont and I have not been back in a decade plus. A north to south jaunt would be best, following the peak folliage. Of course we have to get this insulation thing done – that's the first priority. But if it works out, tickets to Vermont stay cheap and work is smooth, it would be amazing. It would be 270-miles of maple, oak and elm turning to a burning red and orange during peak foliage in the Green Mountains of Vermont. We'd shoot for 25 to 30 miles a day. We'd get to see raw beauty and have a nice kick up to ski season. We'll see…a lot has to fall into place to even make it a possibility

As I said, work has been busy. As such, quick jaunts up to the divide and five minutes of silence makes all the difference in the world. 

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