Change on the tundra

44° and clear this morning. Since we didn't have to come into work till noon today, we decided to make a trip upcountry to the divide. Just about as perfect as it can be for August. The summer flowers are dying off, being replaced by splotches of red undergrowth everywhere. It won't be long now till the tundra becomes a splendid red of autumn. Crisp again up there. Soon the little ponds and creeks will be covered with a sheen of icy glass in the morning. We're certainly moving into one of my favorite times of the year. 

Neptune Mountaineering was well represented up there today. A couple of our co-workers, who had to be in by ten, were running down the pass as we were heading up. The shop was 4 for 4 in getting the first four folks up on the divide this morning. Not to shabby. Lots of inspiration to be had, and it comes from all directions. 


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