Ski day up on Isabelle Glacier

A screech owl crying and then a pack of coyotes howling. Active night in Happy Valley on this near full moon. Decided to head up to the Isabelle Glacier yesterday and make a few turns. Kind of distessing to see Lake Isabelle all drained – the engineers are doing their thing rebuilding the dam that made this lake so artificially big. Seems to me that if the dam is failing, they should leave it be and let nature take its course, as this is a designated Wilderness area.

Much nicer up higher with tundra, moss, lakes, waterfalls and of course the glacier. I've never been up here, and it's a good area. Solid skiing too for August 19 – shocked I've never headed here before. Not too steep, perfect for early/late season turns. More turns than many places we go. We'll have to return sooner than later. It was a warm day, so took advantage and went for a post-ski swim in the lake below the glacier. Chilly and invigorating…a far better wake-up than a strong cup of coffee. A leisurely hike back down, assuring everybody who saw our skis that yes, indeed there is snow up high!

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