Runner’s high

I may have a new love: running on trails above timberline. I've never been much of a runner, but there is something about running uphill in the late summer tundra that is hard to beat. I experienced runners high, that euphoric, trance-like feeling that can only come after bounding along trails for two hours as the evening light falls. It just feels good.

Lots of activity in the mountains this evening. Saw a majestic elk ripping down the hillside, a healthy deer up on a high precipice and a family of fragile ptarmigan searching for food. There is such beauty in the mountains, especially in the morning before or after the crowds have arrived. 

Thus concludes a marvelous 24 hours. Had some friends up for pizza last night, a hike this morning, two naps, a run to the divide and pesto pasta for dinner. Back to work tomorrow, and feeling inspired and ready to roll. 


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