March Dreams


The mind wanders a lot these days. Perhaps it's the gradually expanding days or the firm crust on the snow that makes travel easy. Whatever it is, it's an annual mindset of spring – to roam. 

I start dreaming of long walks over many mountain ranges, cresting the top and seeing what lies over the horizon, to the next range and beyond. Words like John Muir Trail, Continental Divide Trail and Long Trail fill our daily chatter.

I dream of long climbs on the mountain bike, the groove of the breath and legs working together, to those places in the woods so remote that only a few ever venture to them. 

I dream of crisp mornings, brilliants shine, crampon blades driving into bullet proof snow, the summit, the joy, the feeling of flight on the corn ski down. And then, the raging creeks and pungent odor of pine filling the senses with ecstacy and spring.

I dream of lightning strikes, thunder echoes and pounding rains hammering the valley in violent storms with the windows open to the cabin and the cool storm air penetrating the summer heat. 

I dream of evenings on the flanks of the northern mountain, from the bench constructed of two snowboards, looking west towards the Continental Divide at the growing orange sky, laughing and savoring the beauty with my wife.

I dream of embarking on loops from the home, light pack slung over the shoulders, into the mountains, across the tundra, around lakes, over summits to magical places to set camp and watch nature wane for the evening.

I rather like owning a home. Instead of feeling tied down, I feel like we have a base for adventure. Trips short, often without even getting into a car, to hone the skills, grow confidence and provide the daily fix. Our backyard is world class. And then trips far to expand the horizons, see different mountains and to fuel the creative mindset. 

There are no excuses. Everything is in place for a decade or four of amazing adventure. 


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