Sunrise Ski, Sunset Ride


My Sklar bike, pre-paint, in a Montana wood pile. 

I had a nice early morning ski up and down the mountain behind our house this morning with Stella, and a great ride up Flag this evening after work as the evening light died. If I'm going to get surgery, I'm going to damn well make sure I'm in as good a shape as possible before hand. 

There was a moment riding down the mountain with Elaine where a raven flew right along side us for a good 30 seconds. When I lived in Boulder I used to ride Flagstaff a lot, and I enjoyed watching the ravens soar every which way. It may be hokus pokus, but there is a spirituality and kindship I feel with them. 

I love my Sklar bike. It's a beautiful machine and climbs very well. Beyond that, I like the fact that it was made in Bozeman, Montana, by a creative and talented kid between powder runs in a garage with an oil barrel wood stove and a deer hanging from the rafters. When you get a custom frame, you're choosing your builder based on their ability to weld and design, but also by who they are and what the represent. Adam Sklar is a skier, a biker, an inventor and an adventurer. That's combo works just fine for me. 

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