Six seconds

The woods…they are simply spectacular right now. The leaves, carpeting the soil, glistening with bubbles of moisture, beaded up like marbles in a corner. And the smells…earthy, wet, rotting leaves. The trails were tacky and coated, and for a second, on my ride (or about six seconds), there was perfection. Yeah…that moment…where the flow blends with the streaks of yellow, and you are one with the bike and the bike is one with the woods. That is the perfect moment. Unity of the three. Like those six perfect powder turns in the open meadow between the solid armaments of trees. That's a perfect six seconds too. Those are the moments I live for.

I am a mountain biker again. Tossing on the bike shorts and getting ready for a ride is automatic again, it takes little time or effort. That hasn't been the case for a long time. And I dare say, I'm starting to get fit. I ride 1,000 to 1,500 feet up a day. Not a ton, but it's a steady effort and it's consistent. I like it. The season is likely going to end sooner than later…ahh yes, riding fresh tracks on singletrack this year…but the momentum is built. I suspect, when this winter's snows melts, I will be donning the bike as a mountain biker again. A little fall stoke that will transfer to the spring. I like my bike again. Specifically my Moots rigid singlespeed. It is perfection. Colorado built, fast and durable.

Reading again too. Nature books. And dancing, as Elaine really likes it. All these things from my life that used to be me, coming back, like old friends. Even thoughts of going to an…eeeks…mountain bike access meeting. Getting involved again?  Not yet, but maybe sometime. And projects…oh the projects we will attempt this winter, we will do.

I like how things are progressing

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