Marriage is the most fulfilling thing I have ever done. And this is weird, but I also feel like it's the most pure. When I was bike racing and ski racing, it was all about me. Selfish endeavors. When I taught, it was considered all about the kids, but the truth of the matter is teachers and coaches are in the spotlight a bit. And I think, while they'd never admit it, sometimes they like that spotlight. I did. And now here I am. A ski tech. No glory, no articles in the paper. Low pay. And it's not glamorous. My paycheck goes to insurance and food on the table. But it's like, all that attention. It doesn't matter. It's about this love, our team. It is, in the end, much more fulfilling.

Something a friend said to me tonight:

"You have learned a lot. Life teaches us a lot of lessons. And you have reached a point in life, where there is someone more important than yourself. It changes your whole perspecitive on life. You will never feel the same way again. You will always think of that other person first."

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