climbed the tallest mountain in the united states! (lower-48)

i managed to sneak in a climb up 14,505 foot tall mount whitney a couple days ago. a great peak. 7,000 vertical, 22 miles round trip. here are a few images.


5 am start. got to enjoy watching the sunrise over death valley


orion's belt guided the way early on.


headlamp pre-dawn hiking is a nice time to think and enjoy the silence.


amazing alpenglow lights up the heart of the sierras.


i love the layers of the light in this shot.


my sister said this photo didn't look real. like something out of lord of the rings or something. i agree.


a little morning trailside breakfast. smiling because i'm alive and because i have amazing friends and family who will help me through the roughest times.


god i love mountains.


more mountains. the sierra's are more jagged than my home range of the indian peaks.


well, at least we don't have to worry about the firearms thing anymore (joke…haha…if you've been suicidal, you'd understand why laughing at this stuff is a good outlet.)


sick lakes!


aragon…we must fight the orcs! ok, sorry, getting giddy here.


cool little shack on the top of the mountain.


yeah! highest point in the lower-48 and the highest i have ever been in my life. sicka!


above it all.


warmed up in the shack (it was cold and windy). about five minutes after this, two girls came in who had been hiking the entire PCT from canada to mexico. super cool. they had been on the trail for 94 days straight, and were behind schedule and out of food. i donated a toblerone bar and a freeze dried mac and cheese to the cause. awesome inspiration and definitely got the juices going for a plan for next year.


spires in the sierras


97 swithbacks yo! lots of los angeles people puking on this part.


storm clouds rage over the highest mountains in the united states.

till the next climb!

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