Stormy jaunt to Devil’s Thumb

Headed up to Devil's Thumb Lake in the Indian Peaks yesterday. This is one of my very favorite areas in the region, as it's a beautiful lake up on the tundra that sits smack dab below a large rock outcropping called "Devil's Thumb." We had originally planned to hike up to the Continental Divide, traverse over to Rollins Pass, and head down the King Lake drainage, but thunderstorms and snow squalls – yes snow – prevented that from happening. Next time we'll bring a tent, camp at the lake, and do the Divide traverse in the morning when the weather is good.

Felt great on the hike. This Colorado Trail training seems to be going well. Our lightweight trekking poles from Black Diamond make a HUGE difference. This whole business of getting ready for a big walk is tough work, but we're up for the job! The only downer of the day was the expansion of the road down by Hessie so more people can park. I understand the need, but it's no fun watching live aspens get ripped out of the ground by huge machinery. Humans: we have the ability to destroy in seconds what took nature decades to build.

Heading up the trail between Jasper Lake and Devils Thumb Lake. Storm clouds overhead, and even a spiff of snow on this June 6th.

The girls at Devil's Thumb Lake. The rock outcropping is the Devil's Thumb itself.

Funny photo here with humans and dogs going every which way!

Elaine informed me this is her favorite wildflower. It's a nice one…we'll have to learn what it is one of these days.

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