Road Trippin’

Elaine and I are taking a few days to ski a little resort, backcountry and nordic, in the promised land, Crested Butte. It snowed a foot last night and it's time to enjoy that, so here are a few quick photos of yesterday.


5:45 start brings a stellar sunrise.


Breakfast in Frisco. Wonder what it would be like to live in a mountain town that holds its snow? This is what March should look like – not 60°!


Our Loveland Passes give us free tickets to Monarch Ski Area, so took advantage.


Elaine catches a little air before diving into the Mirkwood trees.


Great pit-stop at Monarch, but it was time to get to our destination.


Huge flakes of snow falling in Gunnison.


Made it to the hostel in CB and enjoyed what I think was the best pizza of my life at the "Secret Stash." The streets of Crested Butte are lined with head deep drifts and the mountains are raging. Resort day today, BC tomorrow, nordic Thursday. Or something like that. Off to ski!

15 Replies to “Road Trippin’”

  1. Chris! I just got this message…I would have been stoked to ski with you and get a drink. We skied Red Lady today though. Fantastic, and if you broke trail, thanks. Pretty amazed at how good that thing is so close to town. I think tomorrow we’re going to do a tour up the Gothic drainage to check out that area. Saw Eszter on the top of the Silver Queen, and tried to find you on Teocalli, but hopefully you were making turns. This place is sick, and we’ll be back soon.


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